What Ecônes Wear – in New York

Honestly – when we went out the other night in Midtown, we totally fell in love with Vaida’s „Modern Romance“ outfit. Combining a white shirt with a creme coloured plissé maxi skirt makes the outfit not only a total eye-catcher (particular in a city like New York!)! But also wearing it with sophisticated red lipstick gives it a pretty unique lady touch. How you can get that look? Well, look in vintage stores for maxi skirts, the white shirt you can find easily at store such as H&M or Zara!


What Ecônes Inspires – Homage to Brigitte Bardot

When flipping through this season’s fashion magazines, watching the shopping windows or wandering around the highstreet stores, we can recognize one key piece for this autumn: Yes! It is the big felt hat, which reminds of the 1970’s and the iconic Hippie style. And who made this look famous? Our this week’s inspiration, the legendary Brigitte Bardot. Smokey eyes, long blond hair and her stunning smile: honestly, when our friend and first Ecône Katharina tried this hat just for fun, we were so overwhelmed, that we wanted her to be our Homage to Brigitte Bardot.

And for those of you, who don’t know about our „What Ecônes Inspires“ series: in history, there have always been those legendary style icons, who have inspired generations of women with their unique looks. We believe that these iconic looks are still modern, no matter what trends there are. And to show you, we photographed our Ecônes and friends representing one of these icons because we believe, that every girl can be a style icon!

What Ecônes Do – in New York

New York is one of those magical places everybody is fascinated of because it has been the set of many Hollywood movies. When walking down 5th Avenue and passing the Tiffany’s store, who is not thinking of Audrey Hepburn as Holly Goligthly in „Breakfast at Tiffany’s“ watching the store display through the shopping window? Since this is one of our favorite and most iconic movies, the more excited we were when we went downtown to Madison Avenue to watch this movie classic on The Roosevelt’s Rooftop Lounge. But what to wear if you have no idea what the crowd will be like? A good choice is always black since this colour is classy, sophisticated and cool! As it was cold outside, Monica decided to go for a black leather jacket – what we think, was the perfect choice for this occasion! Sophia was wearing a classy trenchcoat and – what we loved the most – combined it with a big whool scarf! Why we love it? Because it does not only keep you warm, it also gives your look a touch of hipster! And what to say about Audrey’s style? Well, it’s a classic!

Kat and the Ecônes from NY!

Introducing the Ecônes – Helie

Introducing HelieIntroducing Helie

Today, we start a brand new series – Introducing the Ecônes! What that is about? You get to know „our“ Ecônes in a very personal way: what they love to wear, what they do and what or who personally inspires them. So let’s get started with Helie.

Helie is one of the Ecônes from Chapter 1 – The Beginning and a very close friend of Em (they both met years ago while studying in Muenster and since that day they are inseparable).

What Helie loves to wear: navy and black coats, skinny jeans, pencil skirts and a nice bag

What Helie love sto do: meeting her friends and family, go out for dinner and dancing

What Helie inspires: She loves the New-Grace-Look, so of course she and her classy style is inspired by Grace Kelly.

What’s special about Helie besides her beautiful smile and grace? She is a very kind person who cares for her family and friends in a very unique way.

PS: Heli was featured for the „Homage to Grace Kelly“ (photographed by Lars Lehnebach)

What Ecônes Do – in Hamburg

Okay, it‘s November….and it‘s raining…and a little bit cold…But don‘t you think that there is always a reason to step outside and meet your friends? Ivy and Helie just put on their new autumn jackets today to go for a walk at the Alster in Hamburg. It‘s awesome how their bright coloured clothes lightened up this grey November Day.

The Clothing

Ivy shopped her navy-blue Duffle-Coat at French Connection and a red Trench-Coat like Helie‘s one is sooo gorgeous, too. You can find for example at H&M, Zara or More and More.

With love,


What Ecônes Wear – We Love Navy Blue

We had to take a very close look as we sighted Steph in her navy blue outfit that golden autumn day, because she looked so stunning! For us, navy blue is one of those classy colours in which you are always best dressed – wherever you are, wherever you go! And if navy blue meets cognac brown (like Steph’s Bag and Leather Boots) it’s just the perfect match!

The Clothing

Steph shopped her navy blue jacket at H&M. Her crystal headband was a gift from her friend Sarah.

Have a very nice evening!